T-Mobile unveils the 4G LTE ‘CellSpot’, free for Simple Choice subscribers

Wireless carrier T-Mobile today introduced a new home device designed to provide a strong, reliable wireless 4G LTE signal for customers with or without an indoor cellular signal.

For T-Mobile customers, there’s another option coming to the market on Wednesday, November 4, called the CellSpot. With this box that the Magenta Carrier says is just “plug-and-play,” a T-Mobile subscriber can gain access to T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network, and the carrier says it can cover 3,000 square feet. Simply plug the box in and then connect it to a broadband internet connection, and then you should have full bars of LTE coverage.

The CellSpot also provides access to T-Mobile’s network features, including HD Voice, video calling, advanced messaging, and VoLTE.

As far as pricing goes, T-Mobile is actually offering the CellSpot for free to its Simple Choice subscribers, after they drop $25 in a refundable deposit, as long as they remain T-Mobile subscribers.

Key highlights include:

  • Wi-Fi CellSpot Router: Announced at Un-carrier 7.0 in September 2014, this Internet-connected router provides customers with Wi-Fi coverage for calling and texting beyond the reach of any cellular network.
  • 4G LTE CellSpot Signal Booster: This signal booster amplifies T-Mobile’s 3G, 4G and/or LTE signal throughout a home or business without an Internet connection.
  • 4G LTE CellSpot: Announced today, this 4G LTE tower delivers a strong, reliable wireless 4G LTE signal for customers with or without an indoor cellular signal on compatible 3G, 4G and LTE handsets for up to 16 callers at one time anywhere a customer has broadband Internet and T-Mobile wireless spectrum.
The new device arrives just a week before T-Mobile holds its landmark 10th Un-carrier move in Los Angeles. The Deutsche Telekom-owned company claims to currently blanket approximately 300 million Americans by its LTE signal.

For more information, visit T-Mobile’s website.
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