Staples Starts Accepting iPad Pro Pre-Orders With a November 25th Launch Date

After Sam’s Club and Mac Mall, Staples is now the latest retailer in the United States to start accepting pre-orders for the iPad Pro and a bunch of its accessories.

The retailer, however, is only taking pre-orders for the Wi-Fi variants of the iPad Pro with 32GB and 128GB of storage space, with the LTE variant missing from the pre-order list. Other accessories that are also available for pre-order include the Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil, and official Silicone cases from Apple.
Reports suggest that Apple plans to launch the iPad Pro next week. Just yesterday Sam's Club began taking pre-orders for the iPad Pro with a listed release date of Friday, November 13th.

Unlike MacMall, Staples is not offering any discount on pre-orders of the iPad Pro. Until and unless you were unable to pre-order the tablet through Sam’s Club or MacMall, it makes little sense to pre-order it from Staples. This is because not only will you get any discount, you will also have to wait for an additional week to get your hands on the tablet.

Pre-order the iPad Pro on Staples
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