BytaFont 3: Install custom fonts to iOS 9

Do you hate the default font that Apple use in its software ? Do you want to install a custom font you like on your jailbroken iPhone running on iOS 9 ? Well now you can with one of the popular jailbreak tweaks called BytaFont 3.

BytaFont 3 supports swap mode for iOS 9, new font weights and more. If you’re at all keen on customizing the iOS fonts used throughout the entire iOS interface, or within specific apps, then BytaFont is a jailbreak app that worthy of taking for a spin.

Here is the full change log for BytaFont 3:
  • Swap Mode for iOS 9
  • New wights supported in Tweak Mode: Semibold, Heavy, and Black
  • Cydget support has been dropped: to customize the Lock screen you may use the Tweak Mode
The Tweak Mode mentioned in the change log is a separate jailbreak tweak that allows you to skin the font on your device without replacing system files. Like BytaFont itself, TweakMode is a free download.

Once you install the tweak on your iPhone you'll find a new app installed on your device springboard. You can then use the Swap Mode or Tweak Mode tabs to customize the fonts on your device. Cydia contains tons of fonts to choose from to use in concert with BytaFont. In fact, Cydia contains its own font category that you can use to search for fonts under Sources → All Sources..
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