Nintendo’s first smartphone game Miitomo to be released in March 2016

As expected, Nintendo has announced its first app for mobile devices. Entitled Miitomo, the free to play game is based in the Mii universe, and will be released next spring.

The game will be free to download and play, but come with IAPs. The game has a very un-game like premise though, and will allow players to design their own “Miis,” which will be able to communicate with other Miis. Nintendo did not provide any other details about the game, but from its description, Miitomo sounds more like a communication platform.

Even though Nintendo wanted to release its first game before the end of 2015, Miitomo will not be released this year. Instead, the company plans on launching it in March 2016. One of the company’s executive said that the reason behind the delay was to “build more lead time to promote and explain Miitomo.”

Additionally, Nintendo also announced a new membership service called Nintendo Account. The service will keep your game progress synced across Nintendo’s console, PC, and smartphone using cloud sync.

Via: Nintendo Everything
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