MonTowers2 v1.0.6 APK (Mega Mod)


MonTowers2 is the sequel to the hit smatrphone app ?MonTowers ~Legend of Summoners~? released in 2012.

MonTowers2 is a Role-Playing Game in which you can collect, summon and strengthen your Monsters, and form a party to go against enemy monsters awaiting for you at every floor of the mysterious Towers.

Dive into the world of MonTowers and become the strongest Summoner!! In this installment, the Friend feature has also been added along with additional monsters and skill systems.

This feature lets you attack other friend's Raid Monsters, and also receive help from other friends in challenging your own Raid.

* Simple Rules to Play *
Form a party with 3 Monsters and climb to the top of the Tower, beating every enemy in your way!

Unlike other monster-collection type RPGs, where you had to combine monsters every time to make them stronger, in MonTowers2, it's all about collecting Monsters with high HP and ATK parameters! Simple rules for easy playing!

The Monsters at the Towers randomly become Monster Coins when you beat them, and can be summoned as your party member by using the Monster Coin!

All Monsters have their own unique skills, so collect as many Monsters as you can and form a party of your own!

* Various Events *
There are events every month where you can acquire unique Monsters! Check regularly for event information within the app or through official SNS channels!

*NEW Friend feature added *
The 'Friend' function is a new feature that was not included in the former version!

This feature lets you cooperate with friends or go against the tough Raid Monsters with other users who are playing MonTowers2!

* Story *
One peaceful day in Alspiria, mysterious Towers suddenly appeard from underneath the ground.

The Towers changed the peaceful and prosperous land of Alspiria into a dark world full of Monsters everywhere.

To regain peace to the land of Alspiria, the Monster summoners head out on a new journey.

MonTowers2, the Next-Gen in Monster-Collection Game, starts a free event for a limited period of time!!


What's New

* Push Notifications Error Debugged.
* Increased MAX LV
* Changed Some illustration of Monsters.


MonTowers2 v1.0.6 APK (Mega Mod) MonTowers2 v1.0.6 APK (Mega Mod) MonTowers2 v1.0.6 APK (Mega Mod) MonTowers2 v1.0.6 APK (Mega Mod)
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