DragonSoul v1.0.2 APK (Mod)

DragonSoul v1.0.2 APK (Mod)
Take down your enemies in DragonSoul, a fantasy role-playing game of epic proportions! Brawl with dragons and mighty monsters in fast and furious battles in both Campaign and PVP modes! Save heroes like the Ninja Dwarf, Centaur of Attention, and Crimson Witch as you save the world from the clutches of an evil dragon! Join a Guild to loan heroes and team up in Crypt Raids.

Key Features:
+ Fantastic Heroes: Each hero has 4 deadly powers, 8 rarity levels, and totally awesome gear like Laser Kittens, Enchanted Elbow Pads and a Lucky Orc’s Foot!
+ Fast-Paced, Over-the-Top Battles: Pit your 5 best heroes against monsters, dragons, and other players. Strategize your lineup to beat tougher and tougher opponents!
+ Epic Story Campaign: Battle tough dragons and monsters as you collect Soulstones to free Heroes from the clutches of the evil dragon, Umlaut!
+ PvP: Compete against other players in the Fight Pit for top ranks, prizes and bragging rights.
+ Amazing Graphics: Explore a rich fantasy world filled with gorgeous environments, hilarious characters, astounding effects, and stunning graphics.

Long ago, fearless heroes ruled the land with mighty powers. The jealous dragon Umlaut captured the heroes, trapping them in Soulstones. Now, only a few heroes remain. Only you can take the remaining few on a journey from scrappy band to unstoppable army as you unlock Soulstones in each battle. Explore an original world with fantastic characters while fighting your way to the top, freeing heroes and defeating evil along the way!

What's New

• You can now block other players in chat
• 3 new Heroes: Bardbarian, Magic Dragon and Bone Dragon!
• 2 new Enemies: Inferno Spider and Troll Blob
• Team and Hero Level caps increased to 70
• Purple +1 promotions and gear available
• 2 new Campaign chapters
• New mode: Battle with your Guild mates in Crypt Raids
• New feature: Power up your gear with Enchanting
• New Quests, Medals, UI improvements, balance tweaks, bug fixes and more!


DragonSoul v1.0.2 APK (Mod)
DragonSoul v1.0.2 APK (Mod)
DragonSoul v1.0.2 APK (Mod)
DragonSoul v1.0.2 APK (Mod)
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