Apple releases new iPhone 6s ad focussing on ‘Hey Siri’ and starring Bill Hader

Apple on Tuesday posted a new iPhone 6s commercial, highlighting the hands-free capabilities of the just-released smartphone. The ad stars Bill Hader, the long-time Saturday Night Live actor who appeared in Apple’s “Backstage” video at WWDC this year.

The ad titled “Prince Joseph” focuses on iPhone 6s’ Hey Siri hands-free feature, which can be used without connecting the device to a power source. Hader asks Siri to read his unread email while eating a sandwich, which turns out to be a spam email from “Prince Oseph” tell him he “has a once in a life time investment opportunity for making of millions of currency”. Siri asks him if he wants to reply, and Hader replies “Sign me up”.

Apple has released several new ads for the iPhone 6s recently. Over the weekend, Apple had released three new ads focussing on “Hey Siri” and the camera features, and another ad few days back featuring on 3D Touch.
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