Leaked image of iPhone 6s box points to Apple Watch-like Motion wallpapers headed to new models

In yet another sign that we’re ridiculously close to launch, several images are now floating around the web showcasing the iPhone 6s box, complete with cover art.

Which is reportedly what we’re seeing here, with the image above supposedly that of an iPhone 6s box. This image has appeared on the Dutch site Techtastic, and seems to hint at one thing that’s becoming increasingly clear: Apple plans on including “Motion” wallpapers to its iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. These Motion wallpapers made their world premiere with the Apple Watch, where the wearable boasts different images, including a jellyfish moving over black backgrounds, butterflies flapping their wings, and different animations of flowers in different states.

As 9to5Mac points out, the new iPhones are said to feature new Motion backgrounds, which will reportedly be bursts of smoke and animated fish.

What’s interesting about the iPhone 6s box art, if it is indeed real, is that the wallpaper isn’t like any wallpaper that we’ve seen thus far. In fact, I went back and checked up on the 15 new wallpapers included in iOS 9, and none of the wallpapers seen there are the one featured in this box shot.

There are far more details revealed in this latest image, as far as the device itself is concerned. With the leaked box of the iPhone 6s, we can see the FaceTime camera, as well as the proximity sensors, near the speaker grille at the top of the handset’s front panel. Those details aren’t present on the leaked image of the iPhone 6s Plus box.

Will we or won’t we see new motion wallpapers based on these leaked images? What do you say?

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