iPad Pro to feature ‘monster screen’ that runs full-size apps side-by-side, LTE models, base 64GB, and more

A new report, by well-sourced blogger Mark Gurman, has outlined additional information regarding the upcoming iPad Pro. Just two days from what will likely be the super-sized tablet’s first public appearance, details on its storage size, apps, and accessories are revealed in a new writeup on 9to5Mac. What storage size will the iPad Pro start at? How much might it cost? Will it include the long-rumored stylus accessory?

Interestingly enough, while the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are said to start at 16GB of built-in storage, that won’t be the case for the iPad Pro. Instead, the report indicates that Apple has opted to start things off at 64GB, and there will be a variant with 128GB built-in, too.

As we’ve heard in the past, the iPad Pro will be running iOS 9.1 out of the box, which means that it should be available at least by the end of 2015. However, related to that, the report also indicates that production for the larger tablet is currently running behind schedule, and that while Apple initially planned on having it out soon, that window will be missed. Unfortunately, just when the new tablet will be available is unknown at this point.

The iPad Pro will be available in Gold, Space Gray and Silver. No Rose Gold option will be available at launch, apparently.

One thing that surprised me about the report is where it states that the iPad Pro will not be bundled with the long-rumored stylus accessory. If that turns out to be true, then Apple will likely be able to command a nice premium for the stylus. It also suggests to me that perhaps Apple doesn’t believe that everyone will want/need/or necessarily benefit from a stylus. Perhaps the stylus is more of an accessory and not necessarily a device that truly separates the iPad Pro from anything else we’ve seen thus far? Hopefully we’ll find out on Wednesday.

Lastly, there’s details on the iPad Pro keyboards that Apple’s working on and the obligatory Smart Covers, but I suggest you read the report yourself at the link below for info on those two items.

The iPad Pro is sounding like an interesting device, so it will be exciting to see how Apple positions the larger tablet when they announce it on September 9.

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