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We think automatic translation is really cool, and we're excited to provide useful translations so you can surf web pages in unfamiliar languages. Still, translation is a very hard problem, and we know that when you use to read web pages in other languages, you sometimes encounter translations that we get wrong.

We have a system that can learn to translate better if we know where the problems are. In the past, there was no way to tell us about problem translations. Now there is. Next time you see a sentence that makes you go "hmmm," just hover over it to display the original text tooltip and click the "Suggest a better translation" link. Tell us what it should have said, and we'll use your suggestion to improve translation quality in future updates to our service.

This feature is available when you use one of the language translation pairs developed by our research group:
  • English to/from Arabic
  • English to/from Chinese (Simplified/Traditional)
  • English to/from Russian
  • Chinese (Simplified) to/from Chinese (Traditional)
So the next time you can think of a better translation, be sure to use this new interface and share your wisdom! That way, everyone will benefit from it.
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